Lethal: what medicines and products cannot be combined

If the person takes any medication, it needs to be very attentive to your diet.

Смертельно опасно: какие лекарства и продукты нельзя сочетать

According to doctors, at the time of taking aspirin or ibuprofen is not recommended to eat the raspberries, because it contains salicylic acid. This combination can cause internal bleeding.

Grapefruit juice in combination with drugs that reduce cholesterol, it is very dangerous, and there are cases when it led to the death of the patient.

With other drugs it is also not necessary to use, as the juice causes inhibition of the enzyme that is responsible for the disintegration of the active substance tablets. In the body of accumulated harmful substances, poisoning of a man.

Cheese when taking psychotropic drugs can cause hypertensive crises and seizures. In addition, at the time of treatment is necessary to exclude milk. It is known, contains a large amount of calcium, and it is in the interaction with the drug can precipitate in the form of salts.

In the case of reception krovanistaya drugs (warfarin) should not eat spinach, broccoli and lettuce. Chokeberry, cranberry and beetroot can significantly enhance the effects of drugs, lowering blood pressure.