Let's not bury the PQ too quickly

Let's not bury the PQ too quickly


The last few weeks have not been easy for the CAQ, which has seen its concept of a coalition cause some confusion among Quebecers.

Who exactly does it bring together ? What is the common basis of their political action? Their values? It becomes difficult to navigate and this increases the cynicism of many voters. 

Just think of Bernard Drainville and Caroline St-Hilaire, fervent sovereigntists who waver on their deepest political convictions with regard to the political status of Quebec.

To the new candidate Pascale Déry, a former of the frankly federalist Conservative Party of Canada, which opposed the CPEs and was part of the close guard of Michael Rousseau, the unilingual Air Canada employee.

Not to mention Shirley Dorismond, the rookie in Marie-Victorin who distributed the small Canadian flags on July 1st as if she were a proud Liberal representative…

2 million sovereigntists

The Parti Québécois recalled this week that there are still 2 million sovereignists in Quebec ready to vote YES in a future referendum. This number stuck with me. The ad also said, “No matter what anyone tries to make you believe, you are not alone.” Well done.

It's still not enough to win a referendum, but it's a lot of people. It is a force, an important movement in Quebec. It is certainly a pool of voters to seduce. Many voters will no doubt wonder why vote for a party that will already have 100 MPs. And more deeply, why vote CAQ? There is definitely something to play for the PQ.

Opportunities for the PQ

Add to that the exit of Québec solidaire, which opposes now to the consensus of the Bouchard-Taylor commission on the prohibition of the wearing of religious symbols by state employees in a position of authority, a pro-religious multiculturalist position that will leave many in solidarity thinking. 

< p>Warning, I am not claiming that the PQ will form the next government. But Pascal Bérubé could perhaps have with him some fighting companions in the National Assembly when all the indicators predicted that he would be the last of the PQ Mohicans. The campaign looks interesting!

Let's not bury the PQ too quickly