Letter to the babounes caquistes

Letter to the babounes caquistes


Each formation of the Council of Ministers, each reshuffle, produces its share of sulkers.

Deputies suddenly turn into ladies and gentlemen Baboons.< /p>

A former parliamentarian wrote to me on Thursday: “When you look at certain people…sitting…there are some who must say to themselves, 'Osti, I gave up my job and my freedom to be just deputy-annoyed”.

It was inevitable that many of the 60 or so chosen ones who did not enter the Holy of Holies would be disappointed.

Some were called in sick: Youri Chassin, Sylvie d'Amours and Gilles Bélanger. Several others, present at the Red Room, looked downcast.


François Legault feels and fears the disappointment of many of his flock. Tuesday, at the swearing-in of elected officials, he took care to say that he does not tolerate “quarrels in the family”. In caucus, behind closed doors, “we can say anything to each other”. But when we get out, “we are a united block, impossible to cross”. Understood?

On Thursday, once the disappointments had been created, he began his speech by “talking about a heartbreaking human exercise”. Then emphatically praised the “tremendous talents” of the sans-portfolio.

For a head of government and party, it is legitimate to want to promote unity, discipline, the united front. The ambition of some elected officials to become ministers is also legitimate.

Green plants

After her defection to the Conservative Party, Claire Samson denounced the role of “green plant” to which the members of the government party are assigned.

The CAQ is particularly centralizing in these matters. Suzanne Blais (Abitibi-Ouest) had candidly illustrated it in 2021. She was criticized for her silence in the face of reductions in health services. His reply: “It is the regional minister who always speaks first, and then the opposition. If I was in opposition, you would see me regularly. »

If it really wants to avoid the chicanery, the CAQ, in its second term, will have to loosen the noose. No need to wait for improbable parliamentary reform.

MPs should be free to speak in their region. And, in Parliament, to really participate in the detailed study of bills. They have the absolute right, as members of the legislature, to work to improve the laws.


As for you, ladies and gentlemen Baboons, you have a responsibility. You are not ministers? Put your “drama” of “deputy-disappointed” into perspective. You are still elected. There are only 125 out of 8 million in our country!

Don't let that gag you. Refuse the status of “green plant”. It is possible.

You are legislators. Government controllers. Representatives of your constituents. Document yourself, consult your world, write to journalists (antoine.robitaille@quebecormedia.com). Use the many tools available to you. You're bored ? Launch projects. Innovate. There's so much to do in Quebec.

And if you really don't agree with your party anymore, let it surround you unduly, become independent or join another. And if the fact of not being a minister is really an incurable wound of pride for you, resign. You are not in the right profession.

Letter to the babounes caquistes