Letters from Einstein against the use of the atomic bomb put up for auction in NYC (PHOTOS)

Письма Эйнштейна против использования атомной бомбы выставлены на аукцион в Нью-Йорке (ФОТО)

Four letters by albert Einstein in which the physicist calls never to allow use of the atomic bomb on display at the Bonhams auction in new York for 12 thousand pounds sterling (15,5 thousand dollars). Reported by the Daily Express.

In 1939, Einstein signed a letter to a group of scientists to the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in which he pointed out the danger of the creation of the atomic bomb in Germany and the need for extensive research in this field in America. Seven years later Einstein shocked the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, called it a terrible threat to mankind in the letters of a businessman to Cleveland Dodge. This entrepreneur became one of the supporters of the movement against weapons of mass destruction. “At stake is the fate of our civilization,” – said Einstein in a letter to Dodge, dated October 1946.

According to the representative of Bonhams, the scientist “was just overwhelmed by the use of the atomic bomb” and in his collection of letters, put up for auction by the Dodge family, reflected “a crisis situation in America and in the world.” The auction, which will be exhibited letters, on October 23 in new York.

In October 2017 short note by Einstein, written in 1922 during a visit to Japan, was sold at auction in Jerusalem for 1.56 million dollars. Then a brilliant scientist gave a course of lectures in Tokyo and refused according to local tradition from tipping the bellboy wrote in gratitude to the two didactic Epistles in German, proposing to keep them.

Note, where a scientist noted that “a quiet, modest life brings more joy than the race for success in constant excitement,” was sold for half a million dollars at a starting price of 2 thousand dollars. The second gift of Einstein to courier, the text of which reads – “Where there is will there is way” – was sold for 240 thousand dollars with a starting price of 1 thousand dollars.