Lexus has released a teaser of its new electric vehicle

Lexus выпустил тизер своего нового электрокара

According to the published short videos, Lexus will present its vision of the BEV at the 46th Tokyo motor show from 23 November to 4 November 2019.

This will be the first fully electric model from the luxury brand.

Using the continuous progress in techniques such as electrification and Autonomous driving, concept car will give an idea about the future vision of Lexus targets the consumers who are equally passionate about driving a unique and luxurious experience.

As yet unnamed concept takes the form of a high, square and convenient to the city hatchback, which has a more futuristic design than any model in the brand line 2019.

Infotainment technology is the next level displayed on a pair of screens located on either side of the steering wheel, will characterize the interior.

Although the technical characteristics and the date of production of the first electric Lexus remain a secret, Sato recognized the need to create competitive and compelling product.

The firm invests heavily in the development of the technology of motors, in which it needs to fulfill its promise to offer an electrified version of each model by 2025.