Liam Hemsworth not ready for a new novel: “He saw Miley the mother of his children”

It turns out that Liam Hemsworth still can’t recover after a divorce with Miley Cyrus. But he hopes that will soon be able to forget everything and move on.

Лиам Хемсворт не готов к новому роману: «Он видел Майли матерью своих детей»

While Liam is at home enjoying the time spent with your brother, Miley appears at fashion week in new York with his new girlfriend. It seems that Cyrus quickly found my comfort, but the Hemsworth, on the contrary, still suffers from their separation. For this reason, it is not in an active search for new girls. According to one source, even visit Liam’s home is not accidental.

He really wants to be with their loved ones and to get rid of the pain brought to him by the breakup. He believed that Miley would become the mother of their children,

— told the insider. After hopes were dashed, I needed time to recover and recover.

While Liam knows what girl he wants to see. He needs love, like Cyrus. And Hemsworth important character: future companion should be a strong, independent, very talented and confident. In perfect girl Liam fun and light-heartedness will be combined with inner core. The actor is confident that sooner or later will meet the second half of his dreams, but until he is ready for a new relationship. He still needs to understand what they have with Miley is all over once and for all. And to come to terms with this thought Hemsworth hard.

Recall that Liam and Miley were divorced after eight months of marriage. The official reason for the breakup no one voiced, so there were a lot of rumors. Some say that Miley went from Hemsworth because of his addiction to alcohol and parties. Others believe that the blame for the difficult nature of Cyrus. Novel Liam and Miley have always been very confusing ― they got together and broke up in 2009. It is therefore not surprising that many fans hope that even after divorce the couple can once again be reunited.