Liam Payne commented on the rumors that is Dating a minor

After breaking up with Cheryl Cole the musician had an affair with a young model.

Лиам Пейн прокомментировал слухи о том, что встречается с несовершеннолетней

In early October, former lead singer of One Direction Liam Payne showed the world his new passion — he came out with the model Maya Henry. Last companion of the singer 10 years older than him and much younger new girlfriend. Fans of Payne’s question about her exact age: according to one, now she’s 19, others 18.

But we know that in 2016 the Pope Mayi threw a lavish party in honor of the 15th anniversary, spending on the celebration of six million dollars.

Liam decided to appease the curious fans and commented on the rumors about the age of his beloved, joining the discussion on Twitter. Someone has written:

All materials about girlfriend Liam says that she’s 19 years old, although she really only 18. This is by design. It is known that they have been Dating for a year, and so Liam started Dating a seventeen year old.

In response to this post, Payne said:

She’s 19, not believe what is written on the Internet.

It is known that the Maya Henry is the daughter of wealthy parents, has Latin American roots. Her father is a successful lawyer. Maya has been achieved recognition in the modeling field and several times appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine.