Life after coronavirus: why to plan trips and book tickets now

Dreaming of a tropical vacation? Now is the time to plan their next trip, according to Reader`s Digest.

Жизнь после коронавируса: почему планировать путешествия и бронировать билеты надо уже сейчас

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If you now spend on the sofa more time than usual, then use this time for vacation planning. The fact that you are sitting at home, is not a problem to prepare for life after the pandemic. We could all use a good rest in connection with experiencing stress. Experts say that it is reasonable to take advantage of today’s lowest prices on tickets and plan your trip in advance.

Why you should think about the future

Flights are cancelled daily and it is certainly not worth to travel right now, even if you really want. This grim reality affects the aviation industry. According to preliminary estimates, the coronavirus will cost the aviation industry $113 billion in lost revenues, although these figures may increase further as many countries are closing their borders. As a result, we observed a significant reduction in ticket prices and a much more lenient cancellation policy. So people can take advantage of the low ticket prices, many airlines and travel websites published on the pages of a cancellation policy and change.

When booked

As news reports continue to come in, it’s hard to say how long are we going to distance themselves from each other. But experts with whom we spoke, had a few ideas. “I, of course, until the end of this month will make reservations for holidays in September and December. By this time, theoretically, should already be OK,” says Andrea Chrome, head of marketing at SN Travel.

According to Joshua Greenberg, to the travel consultant at Ovation Travel Group, if you book your tickets now, you not only will be able to get the best seats, but also save yourself from the problems of high demand. After all, when it ends, many will want somewhere to go and tickets in this case may not be enough.

However, before you book, find out what you have a window to cancel. It is always a good idea – now it is especially important. If you book the tickets, be sure to examine the cost of change. For example, American Airlines all travellers who place their orders in March for travel until 30 January 2021, will not be charged a fee for changing the reservation. Hotels also make their policies more lenient in order to stimulate business.

“If before the cancellation period had ended two weeks before arrival, now 24 hours,” explains Greenberg.

When to travel

So now you know when to book tickets, when you can go on a trip. Although no one is 100% sure, given the currently available information, our experts have offered their best. Currently Chrome recommends planning the trip since September, and Greenberg hopes that travel will be by the end of spring. “The most incomprehensible – exactly when quarantine will end,” says Greenberg. – Wrong, it is not necessary to book a trip, at least until may”.

International travel is now the most unpredictable, so if you plan to travel in the near future, it is more appropriate to consider the possibility of booking domestic flights. If you want to get into a more exotic place, plan for the second half of the year or next year. For example, how was your trip to the southern hemisphere next winter? Round trip air from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia, in January 2021, currently worth about $ 350 cheaper than normal. The average temperature in Sydney during this time of year is a perfect 79 degrees (26 Celsius).

Where you’re going

Once you are happy with the trip, the question becomes where to go. “The Caribbean is the perfect place to travel in December,” says Krom. “Barbados is a universal option of vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches and many interesting places to explore.” Christmas on a white sandy beach? Yes, please! If you like adrenaline, think about environmentally friendly Dominican Republic. “You can swim with whales, climb volcanoes and enjoy many active sports,” she adds.

As the virus quickly spread through the densely populated cities and countries, Greenberg suggests looking for more remote places to travel. “In the first place people will go to places that close to home, and are less likely to have affected the spread of the disease COVID-19, he said. For example South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand”.

How to protect your trip

If you have always been a staunch supporter of the opinion that “travel insurance is a Scam”, you’ll have to change it. Any trip that you book in the next few months, needs full protection. This is one of those cases where travel insurance is worth it. “We recommend that you obtain travel insurance and to check with their travel agent, so you can change your plans in the event of any worst-case scenario,” explains Krom.

Also, make sure that your trip is completely kompensiruet in cash or travel vouchers. “Currently, we do not advise to book anything if you can not return the money for it – emphasizes the Chrome. – It is better to pay a little more and have the opportunity to change plans if necessary. And with such low prices such insurance does not seem expensive”.



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