Life-threatening: in nail polishes add highly toxic substances

The nail polishes are highly toxic and potentially dangerous substance added to them by manufacturers to improve the characteristics of the cosmetic product. This was announced by Russian scientists.

Опасны для жизни: в лаки для ногтей добавляют высокотоксичные вещества

In particular, research engineer Olga Molina said that nail polishes are added such chemicals as formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate – they protect products from excessive thick, create Shine and allow the varnish smoothly and evenly lay down on the nail plate.

Meanwhile, these substances are not safe: formaldehyde can cause the development of cancer, dibutyl phthalate significantly affects the endocrine system.

Another scientist, toxicologist Yevgeny Kovalyov, remarked: implications from exposure contained in cosmetics, highly toxic substances may occur years later.

“Most will suffer liver and lungs. Chances are that you may develop cirrhosis, obstructive bronchitis,” warned Kovalev.

Also, experts noted that the beauty of ultraviolet lamps through which the dried applied to the nail Polish only increases the concentration of toxic substances in cosmetics.

According to them, are especially dangerous can be the nail polishes after the product expires. In this case, the varnish can form new toxic compounds. Experts recommend to buy tools with the words “3-FREE” or “5-FREE” — a sign that the lucky missing three or five dangerous compounds.