Lightspeed owes him a vital $10,000

Lightspeed owes it a vital $10,000


A restaurant owner from the Eastern Townships who uses cash register software from Quebec giant Lightspeed claims to be in financial trouble because the company owes her $10,000 in revenue for eleven days.

“I would have expected my account manager to call me back,” says Océane Fortin-Desbiens, co-owner of Madame Fortin – Bière & Food, in Waterloo.

“It's been 11 days since $10,000 has been deposited in my account and is floating somewhere,” adds the businesswoman, angry at this vagueness.

For her, this $10,000 $ is vital. “My credibility as an entrepreneur is at stake. I have suppliers running after me,” she says.

So far, Océane Fortin-Desbiens says she has managed to pay her $5,000 in salary to employees, but she fears that she is at the end of her financial resources.

“How am I going to go buy my stuff and open my restaurant? I have no money coming in,” she worries.

Good start

However, everything had started well between her and Lightspeed.

At first, Océane Fortin-Desbiens was won over by the payment company. Its employees were easily reachable.

But after the contract was signed, the story took another turn.

“Once the contract was signed, I fell with the service after – failing sale. I couldn't talk to anyone,” she continues.

Unable to get help from Lightspeed to hook up the purchased hardware, she hires a local firm to install the terminal.

For the next five months, all is well, until one day her receipts normally deposited within 48 hours are not put in his account.

Despite numerous e-mails and endless calls, nothing helped. She still can't figure out what happened to her $10,000.

Yesterday, Lightspeed, which has Caisse de depot as a shareholder, responded to the Journalthat the satisfaction of its customers is “of the utmost importance”.

“I can confirm that our team is in direct contact with the merchant in order to respond to her concerns as soon as possible” , assured the spokesperson for the Caisse de dépôt Stéphanie Princivil.

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