Like a couple of Russians spent $5000 in two weeks in Chicago and was satisfied with the journey

The journey is always fun and entertainment. But there is a flip side to the coin. Victoria M. told his story of visiting his sister in Chicago, and what difficulties were waiting for them with her husband in the way, writes Adobe Master.

Как пара россиян потратила $5000 за две недели в Чикаго и осталась довольна путешествием

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Hereinafter in the first person.

My sister has long called us with her husband in Chicago (Il), to his guests. When, finally, financially we were ready, decided to act. Wow everything in life to try.

Oddly enough, the process of obtaining a visa went smoothly. We live in Moscow, so I flew a direct flight from Moscow to Chicago. One ticket cost $320, $640 for two.

On arrival at the site we met sister drove to his house. Otherwise, the beginning would be confused.

For first came to this city quite difficult to navigate: a lot of skyscrapers, a lot of people.

Housing and wages in the United States

My sister has been living in the States, to Chicago she lived in Washington (DC). Moving on, she explained that Chicago is more affordable housing and almost no problems with the work. Even if you have no education, you will still be able to find a job.

We lived in her rented house for which she paid $1 500 a month. It is very interesting that in the US to find an apartment like hers, with a balcony very difficult.

Of course, you can find housing cheaper, but this house really liked. In principle, not so expensive if to compare with Moscow, the house would cost us even more.

Her house is located on the outskirts, of course, closer to the center of the housing more expensive. Sister been working at the plant and receives $3,800 per month, approximately 260-270 thousand. The movers they get in the neighborhood of $2000.

Wages, as I thought, very good. Sister enough for everything she’s married to an American who also works and earns $4 500, they are all missing, even has his own car.

Our life in Chicago: American prices

For us, their prices seem too big. And for them it is business as usual. We visited McDonald’s and was in shock.

If you came just to eat, then be prepared to pay at least $15 each and I’m talking about a normal lunch, no alcohol. And this is more than a thousand rubles.

Taxis in Chicago are also not cheap, we drove just a couple of houses, but gave about 400 rubles ($6). Public transportation costs $2, too expensive.

We walked around town, went to the local supermarket, and we were very surprised that the store is no more cheap water. Regular mineral water costs about $1, $ 3, and did not find cheaper. To go shopping and nothing does not deny, need to earn a good income.

Where we went: the price of entertainment

We, like all tourists, wanted to visit as many places in this beautiful city. First, where we went, it was the Adler planetarium, then the ticket cost $11. If you go with the child, the ticket cost cheaper.

We also visited the Chicago historical Museum. Then the tickets were $13. Later learned that on the ticket you can save if you buy it through the Internet.

There also are discounts for children and pensioners. Grant Park is a place which is a must for everyone, it is free to enter, open until 23:00.

In the Park Millennium Park, Buckingham fountain, Shedd aquarium, art Institute and other attractions.

In the city there are many places where you can spend time with benefits.

My impressions

Chicago is a beautiful city that simultaneously attracts and repels its high cost (in comparison with Russia, of course, because in the US there are cities and more expensive – the same Washington).

Night in the city, a new life starts, open night bars and restaurants, the entire city begins to sparkle red and green lights.

We were in Chicago 2 weeks, during this time, spent about 350 thousand roubles ($5000), which is a lot for our family, but was satisfied. The money went to basic needs and entertainment, and given the fact that we did not pay for rent, and even bought a few Souvenirs for friends.

Overall, the city is very interesting, and if you decide to visit US, think about this option as Chicago. Sure to find, what to see and what to do.



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