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Captain’s image


We won't call the Canadiens a Cinderella team right away, but Martin St-Louis' men are playing the way I hoped. The CH is in the image of its new captain, Nick Suzuki. 

What I wanted above all was to see a relentless team that would never be downgraded in terms of work ethic, an important part of Suzuki's DNA. It's not easy being a young captain, and despite an injury in training camp, the 23-year-old leader is involved and performing. 

His primary responsibility is to play well. He doesn't have the stature of a Shea Weber yet and he's not expected to speak like a 35-year-old veteran, but he's leading by example on the ice and that's how he must first exercise his leadership. He adapts quickly. 

The two reasons why the Canadian is in the game every game are precisely the work ethic and the brilliance of the goalkeepers. That's what it's going to take all season long to be in the playoff race for as long as possible. 

As a fan, I don't remember seeing a low-ranking Canadian formation as spectacular as the current edition. Suzuki and Cole Caufield are sparking fire and without comparing them to the three amigos from Pittsburgh who have been together for 16 years (Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kristopher Letang), I hope they will be inseparable in Montreal for a very long time. 

Strong Goalies 

In goal, Jake Allen behaved as I expected and Samuel Montembeault played very well. The latter now has the respect of the chamber, which was not the case at the start of the season last year. The key is to avoid beatings like 5-1. 

Scorers like Caufield sometimes have a rough start to the season and he did last year, but this time he's having a hard time. good start. Good! 

The Canadian's defense surprises and I am very impressed by Kaiden Guhle. He behaves like a veteran and replaces Mike Matheson admirably well. Whether he will keep up the pace remains to be seen. The youngsters are often under the effect of adrenaline at the start of the season and hit the wall after a few weeks. 

The Canadiens' shorthanded play was impressive. Guys are alert and pressure their opponents so that it's the enemy's power play that seems to be in action-reaction mode rather than the other way around.

The Robidas Effect< /strong> 

I feel like new assistant coach Stephane Robidas is no stranger to effective backs. Like St-Louis, he was not a great prospect, but he had a great career and he lived it all.  

I remember that Michel Therrien liked the versatility of Robidas . He made him play on the left if necessary, even if his natural position was on the right. 

A transformation

The good news for the general manager Kent Hughes is that the core of young people perform, and that we are witnessing a transformation. It shows that he is right to believe in them.

It reminds me of my arrival at the Washington Capitals in 2008. Until then, I had never seen a locker room “controlled” by young people, with Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Green and company. 

< p>Juraj Slafkovksy hasn't broken anything so far, but you have to be patient with him. Besides, things aren't much better for Shane Wright in Seattle. Either way, if they can't get enough NHL ice time, a stint in the minors would be desirable.

Jonathan Drouin released a big game to give victory to CH against the Penguins. Hopefully that will give him confidence. He needs it. He has hardly played in two years and St-Louis is trying to revive him. It could be the CH mystery card. 

Comments by Gilles Moffet < /p>


Times are changing

Loved the reaction people had to Carey Priceat the Bell Center. He deserved his ovation, but there is another aspect that I would like to highlight. When we started with the Canadiens, Mike Ribeiro and I liked to have different looks and we were criticized by the organization and even the media. On Monday, Price looked good in a suit and cowboy hat. Proof that times are changing, no one has mentioned it. P.K. Subban has certainly contributed to this evolution.  

Thanks to Jeff Petry

Former Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry was treated to applause at the Bell Center on Monday, but also to boos. Yes, he had a difficult year last year, but before that he gave the Canadiens seven great seasons and too many people have forgotten that part. Besides, Petry fits well with Pittsburgh and we feel that Sidney Crosby is on a mission. He has not said his last word. 

Difficult start for Fleury

We will see Marc-André Fleuryat the Bell Center next week, with the Wild. He struggled in his first two games, allowing a total of eleven goals. It looks like his start to the season last year in Chicago. It's not easy at 36 or 37 to start a new season and get back into performance mode, but he will pull himself together.  

Pressure in Toronto

Now that Matt Murray is out, I can't wait to see if Ilya Samsonov will succeed in winning in net for the Maple Leafs. We may wonder about goaltenders throughout the season in Toronto. Too bad, because Jack Campbell had earned the respect of the chamber, but for financial reasons, he moved west to the Oilers. Murray is often injured and history repeats itself in his case.

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