Lilia Podkopayeva flashed toned figure in a spectacular manner

After the birth of her second daughter Lily was often enough to get in touch with their fans — to show the trend outfit. This time Podkopayeva flashed toned figure in the image in the pyjama style. Note that the “pajama-style” — still the current trend for several seasons does not calm fashionistas. Especially look at this way for new year’s corporate party. Pantsuits from a fluid satin fabric will look dressy. And the attention of his colleagues and friends, guaranteed!

Лилия Подкопаева блеснула подтянутой фигурой в эффектном образе

By the way, notice how the image is pajama Podkopayeva. Suit beige floral print athlete combines with open sandals with heels. The hair gathered in a neat bundle.

“In the morning, I woke up to start getting organized on their planet (s)” — signed home photo Podkopayeva.

By the way, this quote by French writer Antoine De Saint Exupery, the tale of “the Little Prince”.

Fans of Lily hastened to leave your rave reviews under her new photo:

  • “Truer words were never spoken. You look lovely. Thank You for the Olympic gold”
  • “Pretty planet”
  • “Lily, you look gorgeous”
  • “Beautiful and smart ….”
  • “Lily, you are beautiful and paint a planet”
  • “Great! That Garn words, vigladet Chudovo”
  • “Motherhood suits you, you are very beautiful, gentle”