Lilia Podkopayeva showed two lovely photos with my son

Lilia Podkopayeva in recent years has become increasingly pamper their fans with a family photo. Not so long ago, for example, the Ukrainian athlete showed a photo her 12-year-old daughter Caroline.

Лилия Подкопаева показала два милых фото с сыном

Recall that she was given the name in honor of her stellar godmother and close friend Podkopayeva — Ani Lorak (real name Carolina KUEK). Happy mother and daughter walked in the autumn Helen (Georgia, USA). Note also that the Lily with the children and her civil husband, businessman Igor Dubinskiy live in the United States.

Now it is the turn of star mom to post a photo with son — 13-year-old Vadim. Published in instagram-stories photo Podkopayeva showed two photos with my son. One of the images was made 6 years ago!

“Six years ago. Grow up and don’t ask”, — signed photo of the sun Lily.

Лилия Подкопаева показала два милых фото с сыном

More photos these days. Boy hugging mom star, which in this case posing with a bouquet of yellow roses.

Лилия Подкопаева показала два милых фото с сыном

Note that Vadim Nagorno — adopted son. Boy Lily and her ex-husband, businessman Timofey Nagorny adopted in July 2006. Podkopayeva has repeatedly said in various interviews that the long time could not get pregnant. The miracle happened just after the adoption of a son. In the following year after that Lily has a daughter, Carolina.