Liliya Rebrik gave Sunny photo shoot

Liliya Rebrik used to appear in the frame in a feminine and spectacular images. Her outfits for the morning broadcasts are never repeated – pantsuits, dresses and skirts sitting at the delicious figure of the presenter is always spotless! But recently Lily has published in instagram frame from the set of the TV series “Papanki”. She appeared in a scarlet dress with an impressive cleavage and sent the fans a kiss. New photoset in teledive elegant knitted dress did not leave fans indifferent.

Лилия Ребрик устроила солнечную фотосессию

The outfit on the figure is a deep dark blue with a pleated skirt and a V-neck highlighted the exciting curves of the stars, and the belt highlighted slim waist. Street photoset Lily decided to raise an interesting topic for discussion.

“Catch on promen Sonts… Pokey znovu potalla. Sucn, Spanic, pabari school ye a chance TSE vegnuti. Bo vzhe SOSM soon pacnuts Tepl way, “Colgate pid Stani” that’s valance. And General scho VI obire? Sucn Chi brucine option? Bo I love the I those the I other. Ale mene je friend, Yak Nikoli not to wear Stani. I TSE I will tell you. “I docka”,- kazhe won. Our veduchikh Novin Wtli Shkolniy — so needless to kazhe, scho for Demba women in spavinaw krasiv only in Sunnah. A ve scho say? Zivity I inoca th coloca point Zora” — asked Lily.

Fans teledive disagreed – one liked dresses and skirts, while others prefer sports and casually styles with pants. However, nobody remained indifferent to the image of the star itself, as she immediately informed in the comments.

  • That romanticni style! Duzhe Garni Vdec signage koloru!
  • Liliya, you Chudov sukna, and I’m pants only if cold odagiu. Another hour of costume and ABO sukna
  • I Ter always wear only plate. Tilki nod – jeans. The pants the pants which is very convenient SOSM
  • VI Yak always krasiv
  • I duzhe like sukn,pants lachey on the road Chi for neophot
  • I think that the pants can look feminine and elegant
  • More like jeans,sporting odyag that vzuttya komfortne
  • I choose the pants, it can be pants, jeans, sports…. It is comfortable!
  • Shoes bombeznaya
  • As always on top
  • I also sucn
  • I’m all for comfort, the clothes, the mood, the main thing that was comfy