Liliya Rebrik pleased with the fun photo with her husband

Liliya Rebrik and her husband Andrew Wild can turn life into a holiday – they are never bored together, because in family life, they find a place for romance and fun times with children. “Diseaselike” has long captivated fans with her positive and cheerful, and reverent attitude to each other always causes emotion. For example, Lily and Andrew in preparation for the filming of the TV series “Папаньки2” showed a passionate dance, surrendering to the feelings on the floor. Now leading has published funny photos with her husband, which is not indifferent to her followers on Instagram.

Лилия Ребрик порадовала забавным фото фото с мужем

The funny picture shows TV showgirl and choreographer pose, hands folded in the form of a makeshift heart. Lily took her husband by the arm, and the second hand put in the palm of his hand. She is depicted in a relaxed casual manner – white sweatshirt, denim jacket, embroidered with beads – pearls and jeans. Andrew blue shirt, denim pants and a plaid jacket.

“For their kids mi — nicras anymore,” admitted in the caption to a positive frame of Lily.

Under the post has accumulated a lot of comments from fans of the pair – they were delighted with the creative and cheerful star parents.

  • Dyki, VI tak Chudov!
  • Beauty
  • Farther-fervers
  • Yaki VI Krut
  • You make a lovely couple
  • You actually the best couple!
  • Lla, digitise on Your dick smaku odne zadovolennya! VI molodci
  • Mom and dad serdechki fit is the most loving heart that I saw