Liliya Rebrik posed in a dress with a racy slit

Liliya Rebrik each morning air captivates fans with appearance in spectacular images that never repeat. Together with his partner, entertainer Anatoly Anatolich it not only pleases audiences with news and uplifting sparkling humor, but also outfits charms. The location for the scenes Lily and her colleagues are completely different, and sometimes the most unexpected. For example, the leading recently posed the tractor. Now the media personality decided to show instagram in a bright bow dress in emerald green with a spicy slit, and her co-host put on the pants to match the outfit Lily. They both have looked very harmonious in the frame!

Лилия Ребрик позировала в платье с пикантным разрезом

On the presenter – MIDI dress green with high slit, which allowed us to appreciate her shapely legs, tight bodice of the dress emphasized the high breast. As shoes – shoes stilettos to match. Anatoly chose green pants, colorful shirt and sneakers lemon color.

“Ranok butorka Mauger Buti I like that…Trimite runaway for whether yakih obstavin. And by the way about runaway! Scho Mauger You rostinawati that Vijesti s yourself?” — asked Lily.

Commentators began to list the annoying facts that they are able to significantly spoil the mood, and could not resist the compliments for the TV stars.

  • Rebrik what is elegant
  • Super look
  • As always on top. Gorgeous photos turned out!
  • Lla VI, Yak always maєte codovi estimation
  • You — super!
  • That Garn!
  • VI class
  • Duzhe Garni urunveren couple
  • Duzhe Stylin