Liliya Rebrik shared happy relaxed photos

Liliya Rebrik admits that for her, children were the best motivation and driving force. Thanks to its two daughter Diana and Pauline, it looks good and keeps herself in good shape. Beloved husband leading, choreographer Andrew Wild surrounds her care and attention – a couple is able to maintain the romance and passion in relationship, not to forget that they are not only mom and dad, but a man and a woman!

Лилия Ребрик поделилась счастливым расслабленным фото

Family walks and recreation “wild family” arouse affection from fans, and their wonderful family traditions, the Lily is happy to share the network. So, she told me about a special girl’s “slumber output”, which holds a daughter. Now she has conquered the gentle relaxed way of the day.

The media personality published a photo of the happy in the comfortable and stylish tracksuit. Leading spends a warm day off in nature and posing while sitting on the railing of a wooden gazebo. She showed the wonders of balance and equilibrium, once again demonstrating excellent physical shape.

“Provetti sviy vihidny iz zadovolennya! That Plagne? Obonyo tresni color to sobi”, — has unveiled she has their own preferences in clothing.

Fans have confirmed that the shades of beige are the star and could not resist the compliments.

  • Tsey color You duzhe Paso
  • Lily,not dressed, she looks good in it. Good positive man!
  • Super photo
  • Suzini positive
  • Krasna
  • Charivna

Previously, Lily didn’t miss the opportunity to share with the podeschi secret to the flourishing appearance. It is suitable for those who want a lot of time to spend on care, but to conquer others rested and fresh appearance.

“I nawt in salon not always stigao Ochi smite. That I navso? Smut dwellers scra Bula cleaned. TSE You a life hack from me. If required on OCR new makeup: smile tonic, caused mask (yakscho pid je hand), the particular lotion Svolochi I fresh tone. – VI — goddess. And Ochi bitrimulti makeup I the whole day, Porte!” — the host said.