Liliya Rebrik showed how happy dad having fun with daughter

Liliya Rebrik loves her family – husband, choreographer Andrew Dick and daughter Diane and Pauline. She admits that the children are her best and effective trainer, a guarantee of harmony and a dazzling appearance.

Лилия Ребрик показала, как развлекаются счастливые папа с дочкой

Relationship teledive husband and her fans think is the perfect pair supports each other and don’t forget to give tenderness and passion, because they not only mom and dad, but also a man and a woman! Caring Andrew loves his “woman’s Kingdom” and if the eldest daughter is already dancing, the youngest is only watching. However, the energetic Andrew decided to swirl the Paula music, and give her a true master-class.

On the page in instagram Lily has posted a video in which the man leads his daughter to dance under the bill. The video was recorded during a dance competition – in the background can be seen dancing couples.

“Our Saturday market is pochavsya so. Everyone knows, what does osmatic. PS Sukam partner” — with humor signed it funny footage.

In review subscribers leading admired the dance of Andrew and Pauline, and left compliments for a happy family.

  • What a lovely and wonderful family
  • Cool
  • How cute!
  • You guys are great. Family is just wonderful
  • Happiness-how
  • All the best to you and your family be healthy and happy
  • Saranchova the process
  • VI neymour. Strike positive, Sonts, Lubov
  • How lovely!
  • Well scho for such positive smaka! Super!
  • Super dad! A pleasure to watch!