Liliya Rebrik touched by a Network of touching photos with her husband

Liliya Rebrik and her husband Andrew Wild is a great example of a strong and loving family in the Ukrainian show business. They manage to work, raise two charming daughters, to travel and attend social events. Recently, the presenter showed his perfect Saturday morning with the family. And this weekend, the pair managed to spend some time and just the two of us.

Лилия Ребрик умилила Сеть трогательным фото с супругом

Lily and Andrew were out Cycling in autumn Park. Colorful frames, the artist has shared on his page in Instagram. For the outdoorsy type she chose the dress and the colorful coat-oversized. Cute frames husband gently presses the rubric to yourself.

Signature telediva said her husband is very caring, which we often so lacking.

“Ti pole?”, “Don’t you cold?”. Power, so yaki potribni vascular us… Thank you, miy @andrii_dykyi,” wrote Lily.

“I love you” — immediately responded her husband.

Netizens are touched by the touching relationship and wish the pair much happiness.

  • Lla,be maslev I ljubim!!!
  • Want my relationship was like you.How did you come to that? Give advice
  • Happiness To You!!!!
  • What you are wonderful
  • God forbid,dwellers of the Boule are not the masks.Shasta You!
  • Mm … how cute, it’s so vaiko to hear You are staying in the
  • VI prekrasn
  • Good Luck To You! You so beautiful in its sincerity…
  • How exactly you noticed. To feel concern every day in the little things is what’s important.
  • How lucky you are