Liliya Rebrik touched by funny pics with his daughter

Liliya Rebrik time all — news morning show, playing at the theatre and go on tour and always a fabulous look, and regularly delight stylish images. The mother of two daughters also always finds time to spend with his family. On his page on Instagram, the actress showed cute and funny homemade photo with her older daughter Diana.

Лилия Ребрик умилила забавным фото с дочкой

Lily told me that sometimes they have toddlers be happy with my pajama relaxed day. In the picture she is depicted with a cloth mask on her face and a towel on his head in an embrace with his daughter. Mother and daughter goofing around and posing with “duck lips”.

“Divchata – TAC divchata. Square from VCU. VI vlastova zi svoj doneckoi (who yea) “pianny day”? Have Ducat toil Buti svoï secrets, svoï traditions, svoï flecky that Yak is fashionable at once say “life hacks”. If mom must — TSE special joy for mAh kids. Kim I not only buvau. Diana love shte th rozmalovuvav me. I TSE duzhe cheering MoH of gavrus, navti molodchenko. I zaradi CIR emotsy well at all. My life – Sula sinatti 24/7 (VI bachite Sami all). Thus always required mother’s estimation on “vdmn” dwellers nhto not virhual skilki I stigla paspati (ABO vzagali not paspati). Obonyo tkanin mask W rsname efektami (svalorna, julanna, is cleansed). Stink less often retouch”, — shared his secret to a radiant appearance rubric.

Leading the followers are moved by the left a lot of reviews about this wonderful photo.

  • Divchata, VI Chudov
  • BEAUTY!!!
  • Tak Krasniqi
  • Liliya VI Yak always Charivna,navti s mask, and donechka Ter of Krasna
  • Krasun
  • Berit yourself…Bo nhto not samnite you for your Ducato
  • My mother’s eyes
  • Very beautiful! Lily,You are an inspiration! For You a pleasure to watch and emulate!
  • You look lovely
  • Even Garn
  • Liliya, your optimsm first positive nudicaule. Thank you for parade