Liliya Rebrik touched by the photo of the eldest daughter Polina

Liliya Rebrik since childhood attaches their daughters Diana and Pauline little to the world of art. So, ugly girl made their debut in the series, the girls repeatedly shot with mom in the stylish photo shoots. Diana is a professional dancer and takes part in the competition, but Polina is dancing while only the Pope-choreographer on hand. Lily decided to raise on the page in Instagram the theme of childhood Hobbies.

Лилия Ребрик умилила фото старшей дочери Полины

The presenter stated that in ballroom dancing there is a huge problem – lack of partners-boys. She wondered why this happens. Their arguments, the star was accompanied by a photo of Diana, taken during the competition. Little circles on the floor in a bright pink dress and takes ballroom dance with a partner.

“Mina Turner s balna tantsu. I dated on that rozdumy me nudicaule children… Many Ducat Tanzwut without partners!!! I TSE jahlive! After Balin dances without partners – TSE not dances. And in pairs – TSE is so beautiful, scho mozhna digitise basken. I, for example, obonyo tantsuvati zi help our defenders columm I always Mar bude little. Nevzhe hloptsi not hochut zaymatysya tanzami??? Nevzhe middle hloptsiv in fashion lachey football I box? Chi TSE bazhannia batkiv? Hloptsi, that simauta tanzami not boys?!?! MIF!!! Objection!!! TSE sche ti boys! I TSE not just words! On Vlasna Dowd perilous home. Miy Andrew Wild — yaskravy butt!” reminded telediva.

Лилия Ребрик умилила фото старшей дочери Полины

Members of the Lily joined the discussion of relevant topics and did not spare compliments for the daughter of a celebrity.

  • Yak krasnicka I rozumnitsya! Good job!
  • Doll
  • So krasunka and posca!
  • The fellow
  • What a wonderful daughter! Doll and beautiful, but also talented little sweetheart
  • Little of Krasna. Batista Horst!
  • Little mom’s that tetova talanovito krasnicka! Nekhay happiness!