Liliya Rebrik was a perfect weekend morning

The presenter demonstrated how it looks Saturday morning

Лилия Ребрик показала идеальное утро выходного дня

Liliya Rebrik is an example of someone truly passionate about what he likes: she plays in the theater, leads the morning and gets up for this no light, no dawn, and the house turns into a loving mother and caring wife. For example, she recently published an original romantic photo with her husband Andrew Wild and said that for their children they are the best entertainers. In a new photo in instagram the media personality showed off a perfect Saturday morning with the family.

Presenter is holding his youngest daughter Pauline, who with a sense kisses mum on the cheek, and the husband of Lily, Andrew hugged the older girl, Diana. Little girl dressed in the same jackets, different only in their cap because it’s cold it’s autumn time! The family complete looks happy and relaxed.

“Dealine Saturday of wounds – TSE if semeistvo in pounamu skladi. Chogo I You wildly bajao! That planning?” — asked Lily.

Fans were delighted from the observation of the family idyll in the picture.

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