Liliya Rebrik was fascinated by the elegant and luxurious bow

Liliya Rebrik never ceases to amaze and delight their fans — is the leading almost every day shows a new stylish images, and in addition, boasts an impressive stretch — recently, the artist effectively repeated the famous splits of Jean-Claude van Dhammarama in the Studio of the morning show! Recently she was the host of the event “May the force” in Kiev and of course was fascinated by its elegant and luxurious bow.

Лилия Ребрик очаровала элегантным и роскошным луком

Lily chose a slinky black floor-length dress that emphasized the curves of her chiseled figure. The outfit is embellished with large frill in the chest area and sheer panels below the knee. Complement the image of the delicate makeup, beautiful hair collected from the left from a person locks and big earrings-studs.

On his page on Instagram the actress shared a pair of photos depicting the restaurant hall, and with his co-host.

“I’m at s @german_greg_tv duzhe baglivi Zahid “May the force”. I vzhe in CIV. Thank you for everyone knows, what does patrimo I Garn words!” commented on Rebrik.

Network users really liked the outfit of the presenter and they were quick to share their admiring.

  • Harnyunya
  • Neimovirna Charivna, as always
  • Gorgeous lady!!!
  • As always irresistible!!!!!
  • Lilya is you Staaaaaaaay, the dress is just the bomb
  • Krasna
  • Super! Yak VI Charivna!
  • Yak fgura…VI duzhe Garn
  • really You are super!
  • Zooplus You I Your style, the harmony always!
  • Moï complmenti. Carve vigladet
  • All men dreaming about You 100%, Lily!
  • The dress is super