Linda Hamilton appeared on the presentation of the new “Terminator” in a strange outfit

American actress 63-year-old Linda Hamilton visited Photocall on the occasion of the presentation of the film “Terminator: Dark destiny” in Mexico city. To celebrity joined her colleagues on the court — Natalie Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Diego Boneta.

Линда Гамильтон появилась на презентации нового «Терминатора» в странном аутфите

In front of photographers Hamilton posed in a black sweater and leather leggings, which emphasized the slender figure. The image was supplemented black boots with a low heel.

“Terminator: Dark destiny”, the sixth film of the franchise “Terminator” and a sequel to the films “Terminator” and “Terminator 2: judgment day.” The film will be released on November 1 this year.

Linda Hamilton, who was formerly married to the Creator of “Terminator” James Cameron, moved from Los Angeles a few years ago. In an interview with the star said that it took some time, so she decided to come out of acting retirement to play the character last played 28 years ago.