Linguistic controversy: Villeneuve and Smith strongly criticize the mayor

Linguistic controversy: Villeneuve and Smith strongly criticize the mayor


Opponents Claude Villeneuve and Jackie Smith sharply attacked the mayor of Quebec, accusing him of having unfairly treated a merchant from Sillery who now finds himself at the heart of a politico-linguistic dispute.  

On Wednesday, Le Soleil reported that it was not possible to be served in French in a Korean restaurant – Bab Sang – of the 'avenue Maguire, in Sillery. 

On the same day, Mayor Marchand described this situation as “unacceptable” and affirmed that the labor shortage cannot be used as a ” pretext” for merchants to serve their customers only in English.

This exit greatly irritated Claude Villeneuve, leader of Quebec first. “I regret that the mayor attacked a shopkeeper on Maguire Street, the Korean restaurant Bab Sang where, it is said, there are problems offering services in French (…) It's a task on the mayor's file for having criticized a tradesman who needed help like that”, he regretted.  

He added that it is “deplorable that we took it like that to a merchant who is taken with this situation.”  

Apologies requested 

Similar reaction from Jackie Smith, head of Transition Quebec, who accused Mayor Marchand of intimidating. She demanded that the latter apologize to the merchant. “The mayor must apologize for the damage he caused to this restaurateur. His reaction was intolerant and unacceptable. Protecting the French language does not mean intimidating newcomers,” she thundered. 

Jackie Smith, head of Transition Québec

This last note “that barely a few days after the beautiful words of Mayor Bruno Marchand during the welcoming ceremony for new arrivals, he takes the liberty of reacting very harshly to the shopkeeper on rue Maguire who has not yet found employees to provide service in French ”.  

Relaunched on Friday, the office of the mayor of Quebec still referred us to the release of Bruno Marchand on Wednesday.  

– With the collaboration of Jean-Luc Lavallée