Listen to your intuition didn’t hesitate, select one of the 4 owls!

Слушайте свою интуицию: Долго не раздумывая, выберите одну из 4 сов!

Long did not hesitate, select one of the 4 owls! Listen to your intuition…

Owl No. 1

Personality: introspective, sensitive and thoughtful

You love yourself, you respect yourself, and it feels your whole environment. You don’t like superficial communication, and you prefer to stay isolated and not suffer from the fact that you are in a pointless company.

The relationship with your friends is intense and deep, and it gives you peace and harmony, which are necessary in order to make you feel good!

Owl No. 2

Personality: you demand freedom and a life without obligations

You determine your destiny. Sometimes your impulse to freedom will lead you to the pursuit that is contrary to what is expected of you.

Your lifestyle is very individualistic. You always try to live according to your own ideas and beliefs, even if it means swimming against the current.

Owl No. 3

Personality: objective, balanced and harmonious

You value love and a simple lifestyle. Those who are around you, admire you, and become dependent on you.

You provide the space and safety for your close friends. You reject the triviality and extravagance. You tend to be skeptical fantasies and popular idioms.

Owl No. 4

Personality: professional, pragmatic and self-sufficient

You can completely control your life, do you believe your actions, not luck. You solve problems in a simple and practical way.

You have a realistic view of daily events and you without hesitation manipulate them. A big responsibility in the work entrusted to you, because they know that they depend on you.