[LIVE] Disappeared for 15 years: the family of Marilyn Bergeron meets the media

[LIVE] Disappeared for 15 years: Marilyn Bergeron's family meets the media


Nearly 15 years have passed without the disappearance of Marilyn Bergeron being clarified. The young woman who has been missing since February 17, 2008 could be in Ontario, according to her family. His parents meet the media this morning.  

Andrée Béchard and Michel Bergeron claim to have a lot of information to confirm their thesis. They are accompanied by lawyer Marc Bellemare and a “crucial” witness in the case. 

Marilyn Bergeron was 24 years old when she left her parents' house to go for a walk, she told them.

The police investigation has so far determined that she went to an ATM in Quebec and then made a transaction at a restaurant in Saint-Romuald, on the South Shore. She has not been heard from since.

On the day of her disappearance, Marilyn Bergeron had brown hair and a horse tattoo on her chest, on her right side.

How to help?

Any information that can help find Marilyn Bergeron can be sent to lawyer Marc Bellemare by calling 418-681-1227 or to the family of the missing person at 1-800-840- 1526.