[LIVE] Quebec 2022: follow the progress of the elections minute by minute

[LIVE] Quebec 2022: follow the progress of the elections minute by minute


That's it! After 36 days of election campaigning, Quebecers went to the polls today to elect the next provincial government.

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The 3,902 polling stations, spread across the province's 125 ridings, closed their doors at 8 p.m., and employees are beginning to count the votes.

Follow all the developments of the evening live, minute by minute

20h | Quebecers have made their choice: all polling stations in the province are now closed

TO SEE | Ygreck's wink, 30 minutes before the polls close

READ | Shy turnout in the red counties, QLP in danger?

The Liberal Party is also playing its survival this evening, at least that of its identity. Bad news for him, the participation rate in his castles is half-mast. 

READ | 5 defining moments of the campaign

Since the beginning of the election campaign, each party has had at least one defining moment: here are the decisive points. 

19h | Polling stations in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine are closing, while those in the rest of the province are open until 8 p.m.

6:56 p.m. | Quebec Liberal Party supporters gather tonight at the Corona Theater in Montreal

6:55 p.m. | Favorable wind for the “Minister of the Nordiques” in Groulx

The Minister of Finance and outgoing MP for Groulx, Eric Girard, also known as the “Minister for the Nordiques”, is widely favored to obtain a second term in this riding of the Basses-Laurentides.

6:52 pm | The Liberals are playing their future in the Outaouais

A stronghold of the Liberals for years, the Outaouais could turn blue in four of the five ridings in the region. Liberal MP André Fortin could be the only elected member of the party, with a victory in Pontiac, a red riding since the 1970s.

6:35 p.m. | A tight fight in the riding of Bonaventure

A few hours before the counting of the votes in the riding of Bonaventure in Gaspésie, it is with great excitement that the day began for the two candidates that the poll aggregators put face to face: the PQ Alexis Deschênes and the CAQ Catherine Blouin .

6:23 p.m. | In our offices and in the field, our team of journalists and collaborators is on duty to cover the election night

6:09 p.m. | Close election in sight in the Magdalen Islands

Election night could be long in the riding of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, where incumbent Joël Arseneau of the Parti Québécois and Jonathan Lapierre of the Coalition avenir Québec are engaged in a very tight battle. . 

5:54 PM | Graffiti near polling stations in Portneuf

Graffiti targeting the Coalition avenir Québec appeared in several places on Monday in Portneuf. < /p>

5:30 p.m. | A turnout of 44.63% at 5:30 p.m.

Turnout stood at 44.63% as of 5:30 p.m. Monday, still a far cry from the final percentage of the 2018 general election. To see turnout in your constituency, click here.

At SEE | Returning officer attacks journalists

A returning officer from Élections Québec put a spoke in the wheels of journalists who wanted to take images of Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois voting on Thursday morning.  

READ | How to vote if you are in isolation?

If you woke up with symptoms this morning and your COVID test came back positive, know that you can still exercise your duty as a citizen. 

3:37 p.m. | Little wait in Montreal on this voting day

In Montreal, it was relatively easy to vote on Monday at the start of the day, when voters returned to the polls in dribs and drabs.

3:29 p.m. | The voters of Laviolette-Saint-Maurice were able to vote

Despite the lack of personnel, voters in the Laviolette-Saint-Maurice riding, in Mauricie, were able to vote without incident.

READ | The PLQ has turned the page, believes Anglade

Dominique Anglade voted with a sense of duty accomplished, Monday, at the end of an electoral campaign which knew ups and downs. The PLQ has managed to turn the page on its past, she believes.  

READ | Last lap for Pierre Bruneau< /strong>

Although he is piloting his very last election night tonight, Pierre Bruneau is not the type to pour into regrets and nostalgia.

READ | Quebecers go to the polls

Polling stations have been open since 9:30 a.m. Monday to accommodate the more than 6 million Quebecers who must go to the polls in order to choose a new government. 

11:26 | PSPP votes in Camille-Laurin

The leader of the Parti Québécois voted in his riding of Camille-Laurin, saying that “the sky is very blue this morning”. In the name of democracy, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon wants voters to go to the polls en masse.

10:35 am | Legault in Quebec for D-Day

François Legault has chosen Quebec to make a public appearance on this voting day.  

< p>TO READ | A little guide for the perfect voter

After 36 days of campaigning, Quebec voters are now invited to choose their MP. Here is a little guide to help you find your way around this election day.  

 [LIVE] Quebec 2022: follow the progress of the elections minute by minute

[LIVE] Quebec 2022: follow the progress of the elections minute by minute