Lived in a warehouse near the morgue: as a Russian woman stuck in Los Angeles due to quarantine

English language teacher at Arina Dashkova dreamed about going to USA for many years. She taught in St. Petersburg, did a visa, saved money for the trip. And now the dream has come true – February 23, Arina was in Los Angeles, ahead of three weeks of wonderful vacation – return flight was scheduled for March 19. Live Arina thought at a friend of a friend, but in the last day, everything changed. The woman had to live in the warehouse of a garment factory, to get to the epicenter of the mers to see how they bring hundreds of dead Americans and not be able to return to Russia. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Жила на складе возле морга: как россиянка застряла в Лос-Анджелесе из-за карантина

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Put on the street, saw the morgue

Girlfriend Arina Dashkova lived in the heart of Los Angeles. But after health problems familiar to live arine in the United States was nowhere and she began to look for options.

“The first week I lived in a rented room which is paid officially on Airbnb. And then on March 5, coronavirus attacked Los Angeles. The hostess called and was evicted because of the epidemic. I put on the street. My American friend got me to the warehouse of a garment factory because cheap housing I could no longer shoot – it was more than $70 per day”, — says Arina Dashkov.

From the window of a garment factory Arina saw homeless people, and as a converted Convention Centre under the hospital. And in a Parking space put a huge truck-refrigerators – morgue. All day packs brought dead. In parallel Dashkova receive a message by email that her flight Los Angeles-Frankfurt-Moscow-Saint Petersburg postponed indefinitely. That is, the money is not returned – voucher to use after normalization.

“For nine days before departure from Lufthansa told me that my flight is cancelled until better times. I have not a penny of money. I started to register on the website public Services, to obtain financial assistance, as stranded abroad. I twice refused, until I began to write in the foreign Ministry and the Kremlin. Explanation was not just denied,” says Arina Dashkov.

The money was sent by friends

Realizing the difficult situation, the woman wrote a post in social networks with request to send her money. Friends have sent a small amount of food and return ticket. To return home export flight, Arina had to pay money.

“I had an email from the Prime Minister that it is planned from new York flight on may 4, and if I want to fly, you must buy a ticket for $500. Yes, I have my ticket there and back was worth so much. Where such prices?” – outraged Arina Dashkov.

The problem still lies in the fact that Arina was in Los Angeles, and the flight was from new York. The distance between these two cities 4 471 km.

“Then I have not had the money from friends. I had to buy a ticket from Los Angeles to new York (the price soared to $500) and another $500 to pay for the flight from new York to Moscow. Money I got just for the flight on 14 may. By the way, the promised financial assistance from the state I began to come only on may 9, says Dashkov.

In new York she flew a Lufthansa flight where the passengers sat apart in five rows. The plane from new York to Moscow flying full – about 300 people.

Got to Moscow and need to Peter

At Sheremetyevo airport, all passengers have measured the temperature and then for about three hours, according to Arina Dashkova, kept in the room where they filled out questionnaires and signing of isolation.

“I’m from St. Petersburg. I have to go. I need to be in Moscow in quarantine for 14 days. I was not given the right to order private taxi from wherever I was traveling alone. Five hours on a toll road I would have been Peter, I would be registered for quarantine at home. But no,” — says Arina Dashkov.

The woman had to quickly look for an apartment, asking for contactless delivery of the keys. To take shelter, she feared. And yet she found an apartment for 15,000 rubles ($200), and this is an additional cost.

Accommodation from the state Arina was not satisfied.

“I read about these boarding houses near Moscow, where double occupancy (what if the second woman is ill?). To live there for two weeks. People have written that the prohibition to open the door to the hallway, the Windows sealed, the incredible closeness. You can’t go out for a walk. So I refused,” — says Arina.

In the end, from Sheremetyevo Dashkova brought on the bus in which 15 people to Pyatnitskoe highway, where she still walked a mile to a rented apartment. Now Arina tries to connect to the Internet, to find the means to exist in Moscow.

“A balcony, an electronic tracking system for people in quarantine finds a violation, try to buy their clothes, because new York airport lost my Luggage, and I really want to go home to Peter. I am 52 years old and I have these adventures,” says the victim Arina Dashkov.



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