Liverpool became the first club in top 5 leagues of Europe, which has won 20 of the 21 games of the championship

"Ливерпуль" стал первым клубом топ-5 лиг Европы, который выиграл 20 из 21 стартовых матчей чемпионата

Roberto Firmino
In the framework of the 22nd round of the English Premier League leader Liverpool London beat Tottenham 1:0.

The winning goal in the match, as in the recent semi-finals and the final of the Club world Cup, scored by Roberto Firmino.

Thus, the team Jurgen Klopp surrendered another record achievement. Liverpool became the first team in the history of the top 5 leagues of Europe, which managed to win 20 of 21 the opening match of the season, said GracenoteLive.

In addition, Liverpool have scored 61 points in 21 games, which is also the best result for one season in the top 5 leagues of Europe.