Liverpool is likely to remain without a title: English Premier League can be stopped

"Ливерпуль" рискует остаться без титула: чемпионат Англии может быть остановлен

Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool may not get your first ever title of champion of the English Premier League if the season of the championship of England will be reduced due to the outbreak of coronavirus, reports The Telegraph.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has increased the likelihood that the UK government will order the abolition of all sporting events in the country for more than two months, which could mean that some matches will never be played, given the fact that in may will start the preparation of national teams for Euro 2020.

In the case of stop of the season in the Premier League likely to be held negotiations to determine the previous results will be suspended, will remain in force or the entire campaign will be considered invalid.

If all the remaining matches of the season will be canceled, in any case, you will have to make a decision about which clubs will get into Europe.

This situation can spread to the clubs occupying the last three places in the Premier League – at the moment, these positions are occupied, “West ham”, “Watford”, and “Norwich”.

Whatever action was taken by the leadership of the League, it cannot be excluded that clubs will contest the decision.

This process may be delayed.

Note, for the early conquest of the title “red” enough to win 4 wins.