Lives in England, an unusual cat who likes to go to the funeral

В Англии живет необычный кот, который любит ходить на похороны

Cat paddy, who is now eight years visited for more than 100 funerals and cremation. No one can explain what attracted the animal, but every time he comes to the beginning of the ceremony. Some believe that the cat is a kind of “sixth sense”. Cat does not ask to buy or to be stroked.

He just sits quietly on the sidelines and watching, the news of the world.

We started this three years ago. Then the hosts were very concerned that paddy had not returned from a walk. Once he was not at home for a few days. The hosts immediately hung fliers with a photo of a cat. They called the funeral home and told that the animal came on their own and never wants to leave.

Paddy returned home, but from that time he never missed a farewell ceremony, which took place in the office. Interesting is the fact that the cat comes when all the other participants of the funeral ceremony. Never paddy missed. As a result, he was nicknamed “the cat funeral” and people even started to like his presence in the procession. In many cases, a cat with a “sixth sense” appeared exactly when it was especially important for relatives of the deceased. They recalled that the deceased would like to have a cat or liked cats and took it as good news.