Living statues: three dogs struck network the ability to maintain complete immobility (video)


Живые статуи: три собаки поразили сеть умением сохранять полную неподвижность (видео)

Swedish photographer and dog lover Evelyn Edblad managed to train his three dogs breed Australian Kelpie so that they have learned to become living statues. Dogs freeze in place perfectly still, watching the hostess.

According to Mashable, Edblad has published a video in which her Pets Jackson Cache X 30 seconds standing without movement and only on a signal break and start to run.

Netizens were amazed at such discipline. And wondered how Evelyn was able to achieve this. The photographer herself says that the Australian Kelpie is a breed of herding dogs, so this ability is inherent in their genes: this skill is useful when you are controlling the sheep.

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