Llamas will save humanity: scientists have found a way of treatment COVID-19 animal blood

Scientists around the world now are desperately trying to find a method of treatment Covid-19 or to develop a vaccine that would mitigate the quarantine measures, including social distancing. Likely candidate for the saviors of humanity from the coronavirus scientists call Lama. About it writes BBC.

Ламы спасут человечество: ученые нашли способ лечения COVID-19 кровью животных

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According to a study published in the scientific journal Cell, the key to defeating this disease can be contained in the blood of these animals.

In scientific work it is stated that the researchers were able to produce antibodies that can neutralize the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing Covid-19. Interlocking spikes, which the virus enters the cell, the antibodies can stop the spread of infection.

Now being tested on hamsters and, if successful, this method could be in the hospital for about a year.

In 2016, the study of antibodies in the blood of the Lam began graduate private American University of Notre Dame in Indiana Daniel RAPP. He wanted to study their impact on two other coronavirus — SARS-CoV (causing SARS) and MERS-CoV (causing the middle East respiratory syndrome).

His main goal he set was the study of proteins produced by bacteria, fungi and other parasites, but neither he nor his colleagues in the McLellan Lab could not assume that their study will be in demand now.

In many respects it became possible thanks to a four-year experimental Lama by the name of winter. In 2016 her for six weeks were administered injections with neutralized proteins from the crown SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

The researchers tracked produced in the body of Lama antibodies and selected those that could neutralize one or the other virus. The winter, by the way, is still alive.

The members of the family of camelids (it is treated llamas, alpacas and camels), has a useful feature: when their immune system identifies the “outsider”, the animal produces two kinds of antibodies. The first is very similar to antibodies, and other particles much smaller, they are also called antelami (or antibody heavy chains).

In the current study, conducted in conjunction the University of Texas at Austin, National Institute of health and the University of Ghent, RAPP and his colleagues created an antibody capable of inhibiting a coronavirus, causing Covid-19, coupled with proteins thorn to his crown.

“The antibody is attached to the tongue, not allowing him to dock with the cell and prevents infiltration, thus neutralizing the virus,” said RAPP. He added that this antibody “is of particular interest” because it can neutralize both viruses: and SARS-CoV, and SARS-CoV-2.

According to the researchers, in the future, these antibodies can be used for the treatment of patients Covid-19 by means of inhalation, as well as for the treatment of contaminated sites.

The new method is supposed to be used exclusively as therapy: to replace the vaccine it is unlikely because it does not provide long-term protection.

“To protect the individual from infection, it is necessary to vaccinate for a month or two to possible infection. With the help of this therapy you provide protective antibodies directly, so that it is immune to infection immediately after the procedure. In addition, antibodies can be used to treat already infected people to alleviate the disease,” said Professor of the University of Texas Jason McLellan.

A study of Israeli scientists

To develop antibodies capable of fighting with the coronavirus, managed in Israel, according to the Ministry of defence of the country. The studies were conducted at the Israel Institute for biological research.

It is reported that these antibodies are monoclonal (i.e. derived from a single clone of cells), are unique and contain a minimum of potentially dangerous proteins.

The development had to test in the laboratory, and successfully produced the antibodies neutralized the particles of the novel coronavirus, say in the Ministry. However, to replace a vaccine, these antibodies also can not.

Based on them it is now necessary to develop a cure for coronavirus. Of course, certification will require a series of clinical trials, however, scientists promise that in a pandemic, this process can be shortened to several months.

Other details of the open document is not reported.

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