Loboda shocked followers with a concert outfit

Like any artist, Svetlana Loboda pays a lot of attention to their stage wardrobe. However, sometimes netizens just wonder how singer is going to go on stage in one way or another things.

Лобода шокировала фолловеров концертным нарядом

36-year-old Svetlana Loboda is one of the top artists of our country. Each performance the star turns into a real show with lots of dancers, special effects and bright outfits.

Closet celebrity can not fail to impress with their brilliance, luxury and frankness — she (or her assistants) clearly knows how to excite the crowd.

Recently, Loboda again put a photo taken backstage. In the picture she poses in a shiny blue suit with an incredibly blatant cuts.

And yet it seems that any breeze Svetlana risks to remain without clothing.

Internet users were divided in the evaluation of the image of the singer. Some felt that the costume looks incredibly cool on the Loboda, and it is not going to change. Others are even difficult to imagine how a similar outfit can be worn for the performance. “And in this scene jump?”, “More like a dancer’s outfit from the club,” he criticized the way in social networks.