Loboda stopped to chat with his producer Natella Krapivina

The last time fans of Svetlana Loboda noticed the singer stopped to chat with his producer. Natella Krapivina not even attended a concert of a friend in the UAE.

Лобода перестала общаться со своим продюсером Нателлой Крапивиной

Svetlana Loboda for more than ten years working with Natella Krapivina. However, the followers noticed that the singer and producer unsubscribed from each other in the social network Instagram and stopped to chat. It is worth noting that in the past month the relationship between friends was normal, as Krapivina spoke about Svetlana Loboda. After that, the subscribers noticed not only strange activity of the stars in the Network, but noted that the producer did not attend the concert of the singer in the UAE.

In addition, Natella Krapivina changed in your Instagram account name with “producer of the L” to just “Producer”. Possible partners do not cooperate, but the official statements on this occasion no one did, that gives rise to additional rumors. Fans stars hope for a positive outcome of possible differences, because some Internet users believe popularity Loboda merit producer. Still, how things really are, nobody knows.