Loki and Daredevil: Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox has changed the roles of superheroes

Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Cox decided to reverse the roles of Loki and Daredevil. Of course, loyal fans to confuse have failed, but the attempt hellouinsky reincarnations actors counted.

Локи и Сорвиголова: Том Хиддлстон и Чарли Кокс поменялись ролями супергероев

In the Network appeared the pictures make it clear that in kynoselen Marvel clearly had been some kind of mistake. Tom as Daredevil and Charlie in a way Loki can be seen this Wednesday in the theatre Bernard B. Jacobs. The actors play together in the play “Betrayal”. Before the public Hiddleston appeared in a red-and-black suit, and coke dressed in the familiar attire of the God of trickery.

Loki and Daredevil happily posed for the paparazzi. Later, the cast was joined by other members of the production. Fans were able to see, According to Ashton in the image of Captain marvel and Eddie Arnold, who chose a Captain America costume. To the full lineup of Avengers, they were far, but even this small company was able to please the fans.

Recall that the series “Daredevil” came out on Netflix and got good response from viewers and critics. For three seasons the character has pleased the fans of kynoselen, but the company made the decision to close this series. The fate of the character remained ambiguous. Fans are still waiting for his appearance in the Marvel movies, because Netflix gave them hope, saying that Daredevil will live in future projects kynoselen.