Lomachenko and Usyk starred in the Russian film, calling Russians and Ukrainians “one people”

Ломаченко и Усик снялись в российском фильме, где назвали украинцев и россиян "одним народом"

Usyk and Lomachenko

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk and Vasyl Lomachenko starred in the documentary ILM “Hello, brother! Christ is risen”. In it they talked about the fact that Ukrainians and Russians are “one people”, writes “BBC Ukraine”.

The film tells “about faith, friendship, brothers in Christ” athletes from Russia and Ukraine who are in “difficult time for the canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine” remain faithful to God, faith and Fatherland.

Lomachenko talked about the fact that he has many friends, relatives and rivals in Russia.

“I can’t just stop to communicate with them, because I was told that this is a country that is at war with my country. It does not fit in my head. In fact, we are one people. Since my childhood, when growing up, I had no idea Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, it’s other people, another country, the boundaries of some. I always thought that we are one people, the Orthodox Christians,” said boxer.

Cirrus told me about his friendship with different cities and countries, and that it is not so important what nationality they are.

“We guys who live in Moscow, practicing, eating cereal from the same bowl, drinking tea from one Cup. And now I see someone shares the portfolios, and I have to share a friendship with a man? I will continue to be friends with him. I don’t care what I hatet” he said.

The film showed the Church service in the Russian convent of the Korsun Prince Vladimir the male desert and the Ukrainian Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Also, the authors of the film quoted the Metropolitan of the UOC-MP Onuphrius, who said that nationalism leads to an internal war.

In addition to Usyk and Lomachenko, the film starred two athletes – boxer Alexander Trubnikov and fighter hand-to-hand style Alexey Nazarov. Both from Russia.

Recall that in January, in Instagram, the Ukrainian boxer, the world champion under versions WBC, WBO and WBA lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko has a video “glorifying the power of the Orthodox spirit”, in which there are Russian special forces.