Lomachenko commented on the fight, Lopez – Comm

Ломаченко прокомментировал бой Лопес – Комми

Vasyl Lomachenko

The Ganz Richard Commies was unable to defend the IBF title at lightweight, losing him an American of Honduran descent Teofilo Lopez.

World champion WBO, WBA and WBC Vasyl Lomachenko commented on the encounter, which was determined by his potential opponent in the unification bout.

“Of course I want to spend the unification of the titles. Now he’s the world champion. Welcome to my club. I’ll see you in April.

As for his speech, it is difficult for me to say something, because it was only two rounds. I do not understand what happened. But this is Boxing, so we love it.

He was always strong. He’s a smart boxer, but it depends on the opponent. Next year I want to unify the titles and then meet with Gerontol Davis,” said Lomachenko, who was present at the match, Lopez – Comm, in an exclusive interview with ESPN.