London revolted against extinction – thousands took to the streets, demanding to reduce emissions and stop polluting the Earth: 148 detainees (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Лондон восстал против вымирания - тысячи вышли на улицы, требуя сократить выбросы и прекратить загрязнение Земли: 148 задержанных (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Thousands of participants in the environmental movement Extinction of the Rebellion Monday, October 7, blocked the traffic in Central London demanding that British authorities of active measures in the fight against climate change and environmental pollution.

Environmental activists first marched through the centre of London, hitting steel drums, and then blocked traffic on Westminster and Lambeth bridges, which led to significant congestion. They are located right at the intersection near the headquarters of the British intelligence Mi5 – came out on the roadway and blocked the bridge. Most of the protesters were improvised banners, many came in fancy hats, marks RIA “news”. The participants chanted slogans about the need to immediately initiate actions for the protection of nature and to abandon the use of hydrocarbons.

According to the protesters, the British government must take measures to radically reduce the use of fossil fuels, as well as to influence other countries to do the same.

Although the protest passed without clashes with police, 148 people were arrested for violations of public order and the overlap of the streets, the press service of Scotland Yard.

Similar protests blocking roads are also held on Monday in Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam and other European cities. Madrid police also announced the arrest of several environmental activists for disobeying the demands of law enforcement officers.

Extinction of Rebellion (a Revolt against extinction) – socio-political movement that uses the methods of nonviolent struggle to oppose climate change, loss of biodiversity and risk of socio-ecological collapse.

The movement was founded in the UK in may 2018. It all started with the fact that scientists have collected about a hundred signatures in support of the movement. After this came the first action.

In April 2019, the activists also blocked traffic in Central London. In the same month it became known that the police a few days arrested more than 1,000 participants of environmental protests.

Since the beginning of the stock a few months ago in London arrested thousands of supporters of the Extinction of the Rebellion. Almost all the police releases under obligation to pay the fine or to appear for trial later, and they once again join the protesters.