London’s bartenders have created a gender-neutral cocktails untitled and color

Лондонские бармены создали гендерно-нейтральные коктейли без названия и цвета

In London in one of the networks of culinary establishments in the menu a drink that does not have color, and instead of names they are marked with numbers.

It is reported with reference to PostEat.

There, the bartenders took traditional cocktails and have developed their variations with unusual and seasonal ingredients. Drinks discolor, because the main thing in them is not a beauty, and taste.

Also in one of the institutions of cocktails without color outlined numbers, and gave them names. The visitors only knew the ingredients. The other restaurant offered the same drinks, but with the specified names. Customers are often buying the same drink in the first restaurant, which did not know their names.

Therefore, the authors of ideas struggled with the stereotypes that there are “masculine” and “feminine” cocktails, destroying the ignorance of beverages gender barrier.