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“ Long and boring””: Emilie Nef Naf amère about her time in Les Anges de la t&&;télélalité - Here

It's time for confidences for Emilie Nef Naf. In an interview with Jordan Deluxe for Télé-Loisirs, the mother of the family gave her opinion on the time when the latter was on the poster for reality TV such as Les Anges de la télé-réalité.

Thunderbolt on the Web. A few weeks ago, Emilie Nef Naf and Sofiane created a surprise on social networks after announcing that they were crazy about each other. “Against wind and tide … because in truth we deserve … love is neither reasoned nor reasonable … just an evidence … an intuition … I wish you from the bottom of your heart. heart you know me …”, had declared the ex-star of the Star Academy. Unfortunately, the romance between the two personalities did not last long since on June 1, the young woman announced their breakup with Jordan Deluxe.

A page is turned

And it's not just the idylls of Emilie Nef Naf that fascinate Internet users. Her past as a reality TV candidate also continues to fuel the conversations of her admirers on social networks. However, according to the statements of the young woman at the microphone of Jordan Deluxe for Télé-Loisirs, this time of her life is ultimately not a very good memory. After being the winner of the third season of Secret Story, the latter had renewed the experience by participating in the Angels of reality TV. “Les Anges, I admit that it was quite complicated for me, I didn't really like the way it was shot, because we had to wait for the cameramen to be ready, and then it was a big team, so we had to wait for Pierre-Paul-Jacques to be ready, etc…”, she began. However, the scenes were very real. “It was not written, we weren't acting, there was just a common thread and we had to follow it, that's all (…) but it was long, it was sweet, I didn't like it too much“, she said.

Fortunately, Emilie Nef Naf seems much more positive about her participation in the show Mamans & Célèbres. “I'm quite happy with this show and what comes out of it, because I listen to what tell me the people on the outside, and that's super important”, she explained. A balance to be found that suits the mam year!