Long Live Our Divas: Celebrating Women

Long live our divas: celebrating women


It's a love letter to the divas of Quebec song as well as to all the women that Lydia Bouchard wrote with Vive nos divas< /em>. Le Journal had the chance to visit the backstage of this 6th opus in the Cirque du Soleil Tribute series and to meet artists from this show combines acrobatics and songs.

Behind the scenes of the Gogeco Amphitheater in Trois-Rivières, the people you meet are smiling, busy and concentrated. Like the premiere of Long live our Divas is in 15 days, everyone is busy in their department; while finding a few minutes to talk to us. 

We discover some of the thirty accessories that will create a visual balance in the different scenes of this expected show, as well as several of the 160 costumes that will be worn on the scene. Everywhere, red prevails: the color of love, passion, strength and life.

One of the 160 costumes that will be worn on stage.

Because if Vive nos Divas immerses us in a period of 90 years of Quebec songs, it is also a feminist fable imagined by the director Lydia Bouchard (known for her role as judge on the dance show Revolution).

“We follow a young girl guiding her people towards what will be their evolution, explains the designer. She is a young queen representing the strong young women of the new generation. Everything is intended to be a parallel between the evolution experienced by women here and the evolution of 90 years of Quebec songs. »  

To interpret this young Phoenix, two teenage actress-singers were chosen after a long audition process. Colette Lemay, 12 years old, and Anaïs Gonzalez, 13 years old, will alternately play this great role which will require them to be on stage for 50 minutes of this one hour and ten hour show. 

< p>The first – who is also the daughter of Lydia Bouchard – played in December and Le petit Noël at Place des Arts for four years and the second participated in The Voice in Mexico. Both, we specify, know how to sing as well as take their place on stage. They are also supported by singers Marie-Christine Depestre, Heidi Jutras and Francesca Comeau.

Dancer in make-up session.

Hard choices

“We had to make difficult choices,” explains musical director Jean-Phi Goncalves. According to the story, there are songs that became evident by their subject, their atmosphere and their energy. There are also all the acrobatic numbers that need a certain emotion. » The one who is also behind the music of Arlette, the next film by Mariloup Wolfe, had fun undressing and redressing the 19 chosen songs, so that people experience both surprise and comfort. 

«  The engine remains the music and the songs that are deeply rooted in our collective imagination, adds Lydia Bouchard. You can't do a show about women without making some sort of statement about her evolution: a journey we've made together that's reflected in those 90 years of songs I've dipped into. »< /p>

In addition to the three songs already unveiled (The Beginning of a New Time, Renée Claude, Cobra, Marie-Mai and J'irai where you will go, Céline Dion), we want to keep the secret as to the pieces and the performers chosen. These will be drawn from different eras and styles. Winks will also be given to great local choreographers.

Long live our divas, from July 20 to 20  August at the Cogeco Amphitheater in Trois-Rivières. Tickets: cirquedusoleil.com/fr/vive-nos-divas