Long-term marked victims

Long-term scarred victims


People who are drugged without their knowledge often have a lingering trauma, point out workers who accompany more and more of these victims.

“It can be a traumatic event. We wake up and there is a piece of our life that is missing,” says Marie-Christine Villeneuve, communications coordinator for the network of Crime Victims Assistance Centers (CAVAC).


Many victims, when they regain their composure, first feel a great shock mixed with anxiety.

Long-term scarred victims

Nicolas Chevrier< /strong>

“Uncertainty is extremely important. We don't know what happened in those hours, we can imagine any horror scenario, says psychologist Nicolas Chevrier.

Sometimes added to the impossibility of taking a test to know if one has really used a date rape drug without meaning to.

“Once again, we cannot have a certain answer to what we have experienced. It's very disorienting,” notes Ms. Villeneuve.

Not their fault

Guilt and shame are other common feelings among the victims: they will feel bad for going out with friends or for not having watched their consumption enough.

However, the fact of having gone to a bar or of having consumed alcohol has nothing to do with what happened to them, recalls Mr. Chevrier.

“  The only explanation is that someone did a criminal act towards them,” says the man who has several drug patients without their knowledge.

The latter also stresses the importance of quickly consulting a mental health professional.

“What I've seen in my practice is that it's a crime that has heavy psychological impacts,” he says.

In addition, the speakers welcome the proliferation of testimonies from public figures about the date rape drug, in the hope that they will contribute to breaking the taboo surrounding it.

” It can also be a way of raising awareness among people who commit this act, so that they understand the serious consequences it can have in the lives of their victims ,” says Ms. Villeneuve.

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