Los Angeles – the second Armenia, as Armenians live in the United States

USA is a multicultural country. There is a place for everyone, but it is easy to settle down in the States and become their own, while retaining the national identity. Successful Armenians told the publication We Project on its way of becoming the United States, about the difficulties of life and adaptation.

Лос-Анджелес - вторая Армения: как живут армяне в США

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Levon Gasparyan, 28 years, city of Glendale, UX designer

Hereinafter in the first person.

About moving and adapting

In the childhood I dreamed to be a filmmaker and to make movies in Hollywood. Then grew up and forgot about it. Lived in Moscow, worked as UX designer. In 2017, my aunt has applied for a green card for themselves and seven members of our family, including me. Of all only I won.

So I left everything and moved. And when he learned that the relatives where I was to stay, I live in Los Angeles, I realized that thoughts are material. Difficulty of moving arose. Relatives have supported me. Met Armenian hospitality. The experience of living in Moscow has allowed to easily and quickly adapt. But the first time I pulled back.

What I had to get used

USA of the movies are not States in reality. After Moscow the city of angels seemed like a village. People mostly travel by cars and almost never walk the streets, public transport has not been established, many other inconvenient for everyday life things, a large number of the homeless.

This is not so easy to become rich. To be secured, you need to know the language to work hard. I’m used to USA, when he settled in Glendale, ceased to compare, to ignore the shortcomings. Appeared circle.

I received my education in the field of IT. When I came here without knowing the language, everyone said to go to work at least at Starbucks, Uber or a taxi driver. But I was focused on work in Russian IT companies and filed several summary. After a successful interview I was accepted. The salary is small, but its enough. Working in Uber, I would get the same, but would have worked for days in the car. And here I am in a cozy office with a young team, table tennis, consoles and “fancyname” on Fridays.

How to prepare for the move

  • Financially. I brought $5500, and they ended quickly.
  • Psychologically. We must accept that this new life and no turning back.

About Armenians in the United States

The US $ 500 000 Armenians in California, nearly 300 000. Los Angeles — the epicenter of the Diaspora. And Glendale — fully Armenian city. It’s rare to hear English spoken, mostly Spanish or Armenian. My roommates are a couple, an American husband and wife is Armenian-American. Armenians live in the house opposite.


Plan to live in USA the next five years to learn the language and build a career. It is a capitalist country, and you need to come here to earn. If you’re willing to try, there are all possibilities. And the final goal is to obtain citizenship.

Anna Papyan, 28, city new York, dentist

Hereinafter in the first person.

About moving and adapting

In the USA I June 2019. Came out of love to the young man. The main difficulty is the environment. I was faced with the fact that, while there are no friends, establish contacts quickly fails.

Another difficulty — the language. I have a good level of English, but lives in an English speaking country is different. You have to speak the language constantly, to get used to the local slang. This hinders the adaptation process.

Adaptation took place in waves. Sometimes you’re excited, overloaded with emotions, experiences. Sometimes miss home, family, friends. Had feelings of love and hate towards the city, the country. Now everything is more stable.

What I had to get used

The people here are free and do not depend on the opinions of others, not clogged with stereotypes. It was hard to get used to metro, it is weird and scary.

A lot of garbage. This number I have not seen anywhere else, although traveled a lot. A large number of homeless, most of them with the iPhone.

The city is multicultural — gathered in one place representatives of different peoples.

All rented accommodation, and it is insanely expensive. A small room or Studio in Manhattan in a month is worth more than $3000.

The local government is doing a lot for people free services, education, library, courses for migrants, work. But at the same time to live here just.

I deal with documents, waiting for a work permit. I’m a doctor, my profession requires retraining here, the confirmation of the diploma. Newcomers often start with work in restaurants or shops, and then gradually grow. But, for example, in the field of programming or graphic design doesn’t always need an education.

How to prepare for the move

  • In advance to learn the language. Even if knowledge is good, you need to arrange an English-speaking environment to switch between phone, computer, TV to English. Watch movies, series, reading English. To visit the conversation clubs.
  • To think about housing. To rent an apartment, you need to show an income that is forty times the monthly rent. If no credit history, it is a problem. If you have friends that you can stay is a big plus. Also a plus if there is a person who can act as a guarantor.
  • To take care of the documents and to look for options, plan your steps.
  • To save some money. Need to calculate the costs of two to three months until you find a job and begin to provide for themselves.

About Armenians in the United States

In the US Armenians a lot. This is the third country in the number of Armenians after the Armenian and Russian. A large part of California Los Angeles is the favorite place of Armenians, the second Armenia.

My environment here is international: Koreans, Chinese, Dominicans, Brazilians, Mexicans, Americans. I’m still not a member in the Armenian community, but plan to join because it is a great support. In new York there is an Armenian Church where you can come to the meeting and learn more about the community of Armenians.


To confirm the degree of Unlearning to be a doctor, work and raise a family.

Vartan Marantz, 30 years old, city — new York, musician

Further — the first person

About moving and adapting

My wife and I came to new York a year and a half ago. After graduating from the Moscow Conservatory, faced with the impossibility to be realized in terms of creativity in our field. So moved.

Difficulties were many. One of the main financial. New York is an expensive city.

Adaptation to American society was not a simple one. Even now we are not fully accustomed to the language, tendencies, habits. But gradually getting better. Was the difficulty of obtaining documents.

What I had to get used

New York- the financial center, where the rich people live and everything is expensive. It is difficult to have friendships. Long accustomed to the language and the subway, because it is in poor condition. But gradually got into the rhythm, to communicate more with the Americans, pogruzhaetsya in the local community, improving every day language.

Two weeks after the arrival of the first student, gradually formed the class. We perform at events, weddings, in halls as performers. Times were tough when you had to earn money in the subway.

How to prepare for the move

  • To prepare for the first time money.
  • To learn English.
  • If you plan to attend, please contact the faculty, school. Since we depended on the individual professors who take us into their class, previously contacted them by email.

About Armenians in the United States

The US is home to a large Armenian Diaspora. Many Armenians in California. In new York they are few. I have not yet experienced substantial assistance, but we communicate with compatriots, I have friends, the Armenians.

In new York city is the Church of St. Vardan, I met nice people there. Soon I need to imagine themselves there with his wife.


We have big plans. Want to grow in their field, to open schools, educational institutions, to organize festivals. To contribute to the educational and cultural sphere.



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