Lose weight correctly: how to combine products?

We all know that the power depends very much, including the figure. The process of losing weight will be easier if you correctly combine foods. As it is told in our material.

Худеем правильно: как сочетать продукты?


Which combinations of products is correct?

Be sure to pay attention to how you combine foods. Otherwise to lose weight will be problematic. For example, it is necessary to abandon a diet of salad and fried potatoes. Fatty chicken and light vegetables, too, are unlikely to be the perfect combination.
So, let us consider protein foods. These include seafood, fish, meat, eggs. They go perfectly with the vegetables. For example, it is better to eat green and non-starchy vegetables. Also great to combine protein foods with acidic berries and fruit. From bread, potatoes and flour products when eating protein foods should be abandoned.

Bean products, cereals and bread are perfectly combined with vegetables, any greens. If you want to lose weight, you can eat steamed cauliflower with carrots and boiled beans. Soup with pumpkin, carrot and chickpeas or sandwich with tomato, pepper and herbs. All this wonderful food combinations.
Fruits and berries can be combined with some vegetables, cheese, nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, seeds. For example, they are added to meat, fish, but only sour or sweet and sour. Slimming suit smoothies with apples, spinach, oranges and sunflower seeds or roasted meat with cranberry sauce.

But it is better to combine vegetables with meat, fish, eggs, cheese or cottage cheese. They are also good in combination with some fruits and vegetables, for example, in salads or smoothies.

How to build the perfect menu?

Ideal menu for weight loss contains all the essential products that contains useful minerals and vitamins. In compiling the diet should be consider some points.

First, during one meal we need to eat proteins only one group. That is not to combine meat and eggs or meat and fish.

Second, to eat at one time only one flour product. Bread with pasta is a bad combination.

Thirdly, sour fruits and flour — is not the best combination of products for weight loss.
And finally, watermelon or cantaloupe to be eaten as a separate meal. You can not eat these fruits as dessert after lunch or dinner. You need to wait at least half an hour after a meal.