Losing weight in middle age and older may increase the risk of premature death

Better to lose weight better at a younger age than in middle age or in old age, said scientists from China. Their work showed that losing weight in middle or late adulthood in a certain way is associated with premature death.

Похудение в среднем возрасте и старше может повысить риск преждевременной смерти

The staff of the Tongji medical College in Wuhan have concluded that as you age you should concentrate on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not on losing weight. According to them, weight gain threat in the early years of life: thus, the correlation between excess weight mortality.

Meanwhile, according to the researchers, this relationship diminishes with age, making the need for weight loss is not as significant as the need to adhere to healthy habits.

“We believe that it is better to lose weight at a younger age is really to reduce the risk of premature death at a later age,” said study author An pan, a Professor in the Department of epidemiology and biostatistics.

According to the Professor, people who were obese throughout life had the highest risk of premature death. If the weight is increased in the period of life from 25 years before the onset of middle age, it also increased the risk of early death compared to people who maintained normal weight throughout life.

However, says the report, “weight loss in middle and older age was significantly associated with increased risk of mortality”. The causes have yet to understand.