Losses from gambling, repair, insurance: what can be deducted from taxes for 2019

You already know that you don’t have to pay Federal income tax on all your income. What you can deduct from their taxes to reduce aggregate taxable income, reports Go Banking Rates.

Убытки от азартных игр, ремонт, страховка: что можно вычесть из налогов за 2019 год

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You have a chance to get acquainted with the most common tax deductions available to the tax in 2019. If you have a complicated financial life or a tax situation, you can consult with a certified public accountant to ensure that you don’t miss valuable deductions.

What is tax deduction?

Tax deductions are expenses that you can deduct from your income before taxation of its tax. Tax deductions reduce your overall taxable income and, therefore, the total amount of tax you must pay. As a rule, tax deductions are used to encourage certain actions of taxpayers, such as contributions to retirement account, business investment or to provide for dependents.

Tax deductions for tax 2019

Below is a look at tax deductions you can claim for the tax in 2019. Despite the fact that it does not cover all possible tax deductions, the following list includes most of the major deductions available to you.

1. Medical and dental expenses

You can deduct medical and dental expenses for himself, his spouse and their dependents. However, you can deduct only the amount of your total medical expenses that exceeds 7.5% of your adjusted gross income.

2. Fees for preparing taxes (if you work for yourself)

Regardless of whether you make the Declaration using the calculator taxes or pay someone for writing, you can write off these expenses through tax deductions if you are self-employed.

3. Home renovations for medical purposes

If you make improvements to your home for medical purposes — for example, add a wheelchair ramp or lowered cabinets for better accessibility, you can deduct the cost of these repairs from taxes as medical expenses. However, if repair work is done to increase the value of your home, you can’t qualify them as medical expenses.

4. And local sales tax or state tax

Taxpayers have the option to deduct from the taxable income of the local sales tax or income tax in the state that they paid during a tax year, but not both. According to the recently adopted tax legislation, the annual deductibility of local tax payments from Federal income tax is currently capped at $10 000 or $ 5 000 for married taxpayers submitting the Declaration separately.

If you live in a state with no income tax, consider the deduction you paid the local sales tax.

5. Donations for volunteer work

You can deduct certain expenses for charitable work such as the cost of gasoline, if you use your car to get to the place of volunteering and back. If you don’t want to calculate the cost per mile, you can deduct the standard rate of 14 cents per mile. You can also deduct the cost of purchase and maintenance of uniforms that you wear during volunteering, or the cost of Parking, if necessary. Just make sure you have all the necessary documentation from the charitable organization.

Убытки от азартных игр, ремонт, страховка: что можно вычесть из налогов за 2019 год

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6. Bad debt

If you have debt the money that you have not returned, this is considered bad debt. Generally, to deduct a bad debt from taxable income, you must show that you tried to get your money back, but there is no chance that you will be able to return them.

7. Reimbursement of relocation expenses of families of military personnel

Previously, anyone who met the requirements of the IRS about the distance and time of move, could get a deduction for moving. This deduction was suspended in accordance with changes in tax legislation in 2017. However, the suspension does not apply to military personnel who move due to a permanent change of duty station.

8. Charges for baggage in the aircraft (if you work for yourself)

If you are self-employed or traveling for business, don’t forget to deduct a fee for the Luggage from your taxes. If you are employed, you will not be able to take advantage of this deduction, therefore, choose an airline with a low cost of Luggage transportation.

9. The mortgage interest

You can deduct the interest you paid on loans in the amount of $ 750 000 or less. But if you are married and file documents separately, you can deduct the interest on loans only up to $375 000.

10. Mortgage Points

You can deduct Mortgage Points or prepaid interest, which you have made to buy or build your home. As a rule, if you can deduct all interest you paid on your mortgage, you can deduct all the points.

11. House for sale

If you sold your house, making a profit, you can deduct up to $250,000 of profit from your income. If you are married and are applying jointly, you can deduct $500 000.

12. Medical insurance on an individual basis

Health insurance is not taxed for self-employed taxpayers. If you worked as self employed in 2019, you can deduct insurance premiums you paid for medical and dental insurance and for insurance to provide qualified long-term care.

13. Investment costs

To changes in tax legislation investors can deduct expenses such as investment advice, fees for storage for individual retirement accounts and accounting expenses. However, these and other deductions were abolished in 2018. But you can claim a deduction your expenses on an investment interest, that is interest paid for money borrowed to purchase taxable investments. The amount you can claim for the deduction is limited to your net taxable investment income for the year.

14. Losses from gambling

If you have suffered losses from gambling in 2019, you can have them deducted from taxable income. You can claim their losses in the “other deductions”, but be prepared to show proof of these losses.

15. Alimony

If you paid alimony, you likely can deduct the amount you paid.

However, child support is no longer deductible for those who divorced after 2018.

16. Charges for car registration

If you meet certain requirements, you can include some or all fees for the vehicle registration in your tax deduction.

Убытки от азартных игр, ремонт, страховка: что можно вычесть из налогов за 2019 год

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17. Some of the losses from natural disasters

You can deduct losses from natural disasters only if they occurred in an area where the Federal government has declared a state of emergency in connection with the scourge.

18. Military travel expenses of reservists

If you are traveling more than 100 miles from his home as a military reservist, you can deduct the travel expenses from the income you provided on your tax return.

19. Contributions to a savings account

Health savings account is a tax-exempt account used to pay or reimburse certain medical expenses. You can claim a tax deduction for contributions you or someone other than your employer made on this account.

20. IRA contributions

Although IRS rules do not allow deductions for contributions to a Roth IRA, you can claim the amount you have invested in a traditional IRA if you and your spouse (if married) no pension account, paid by the employer.

In 2019, you can deduct the maximum amount of allowable contributions, which is $6000 ($7000 for taxpayers older than 50 years).

21. Contributions to the 401 (k)plan

Plans 401 (k) provides a special tax account for retirement savings and immediate tax benefits. When you contribute to a 401 (k), you actually reduce the amount of your taxable income. In 2019 the contribution limits are $19 000 or $25 000 if you are older than 50 years.

22. The cost of child care

A flexible expense account (FSA) for dependent care allows you to defer tax-free funds for spending on child care. It’s not the same as a tax credit that you can use for a spouse, parent, or other dependent with mental or physical disabilities. You are allowed to contribute up to $5,000 tax-free in the FSA each year.

23. Membership fees

You can deduct membership dues or contributions to a qualified organization, but only if the amount you pay exceeds the cost of the benefits you get in return.

24. Working contact form (if you are self-employed)

To the last tax reform anyone who had to wear uniforms or special clothes as part of their job, you could deduct these expenses. However, this deduction is currently available only as commercial costs for those who are self-employed.

25. Home business (if you work for yourself)

If you use part of your home for business, you can deduct expenses for your home office from your taxes. To qualify for this deduction, you must regularly use part of your home exclusively for business, you must show that you use your home as the main place of work.

Убытки от азартных игр, ремонт, страховка: что можно вычесть из налогов за 2019 год

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26. Car for business (if you work for yourself)

If you use your car for your work or business, you can deduct the cost of it. You can use either the standard mileage method or the actual expenses.

27. The costs of business travel (if you work for yourself)

You may be able to deduct business expenses that you incurred during a business trip. Costs can include transport, food, accommodation and air tickets.

28. The cost of education

American preferential tax credit you can deduct up to $2,500 per student for four years of post-secondary education.

29. Work-related gifts and food

After the tax reform in 2017, the cost of entertainment for business are no longer deductible. But you can deduct 50% of meal expenses, and the cost of gifts for business purposes can be deducted entirely or partially, depending on the circumstances.

30. Spending on instruction

Teachers K-12 can deduct up to $250 of unreimbursed expenses for books, supplies and computer equipment. To qualify for this deduction you have to work at a school at least 900 hours per year.

31. Interest on student loans

You can deduct all or part of the interest on student loan, you paid during the tax year. You can deduct no more than $2500.

32. Monetary donations

You may deduct cash donations to IRS-approved charitable organization. The amount deducted donations should not be more than 50% of your adjusted gross income. You must have written records about donations for deducting cash gifts.

33. Non-cash donations

If you are planning to donate your car, be sure to make a donation to a qualified charitable organization. And then you will have the opportunity to receive a tax deduction.

34. Tax deduction for seniors

Good news for seniors: if at the end of the tax year, you and your spouse (a) were older than 65 years, you are entitled to a higher standard deduction.

35. The standard tax deduction

Standard deduction for 2019 is 24,000 dollars for married couples filing a joint return, and also for widows and widowers. For individual taxpayers and couples filing of the Declaration separately, the deduction is $12 000. If you submit a Declaration, as head of the family, you can deduct $18 000.

How to get a tax deduction

You can claim tax deductions when filing tax returns each year. Miscellaneous deductions are specified in different forms, so you either have to hire a tax specialist use tax software or to follow the instructions of the IRS to accurately determine where to make.