Losses of Serie A clubs can reach 700 million euros because of the unfinished season

Убытки клубов Серии А могут составить 700 млн евро из-за недоигранного сезона

In connection with the pandemic coronavirus suspended season in Serie A.

In the case that the championship will not be played, the losses of the clubs in the championship of Italy can be a total of 700 million euros, according to football-italia.net.

Losses from the sale of TV rights will amount to 430 million euros and 270 million euros, the clubs will receive less from the sale of tickets and merchandising.

If the season is not completed properly, it is reported that clubs will turn to the government and the Minister of sport, Vincenzo Spadafora.

Currently, the leadership Series And hopes that, if successful against the virus season is scheduled to resume may 2 and conclude on 30 June, playing on the tour about every 3 days. The teams left to play 12-13 games.

In June, to be held Euro 2020, however, with high probability, the tournament will take for 2021.

Also there is the option with the transfer of the European championship in December this year. In the case of a transfer of Euro in the Italian League is still possible to finish.